About Dressup Market


We started small. Working at her kitchen table and visiting direct sellers and consignor homes to promote the cause, our CEO Lana Gregan built Dressup Market out of her own home. Today, with the help of an innovative and hard working team, investors and advisors, we have created a vibrant community, individual and trade, a one-stop service that is leading the way in sustainable style and living.

 Our mission

Dressup Market is not just a shopping destination, it is a community of stylish sellers, individual and trade, who care about managing the impact of the textile industry on our environment, with no compromise on style.  

We understand everyone loves to buy something new as life changes and develops, whether that is a piece that has never been worn or once loved by another.  Our mission, is to promote a combination of new and preloved purchasing, to positively effect the industry, while providing accessible and sustainable style to all.

We believe in a circular lifestyle

We love to celebrate and promote artists, designers and quality craftsmanship. We know the retail consumer experience isn’t just about buying unique finds, limited edition or premium items at great value, Consumers enjoy reconsigning them too. Sharing them with someone who will treasure them as much as you do.

As the majority of a persons possessions are not designer, to make a real difference in reducing waste and giving opportunity to our community, we provide a platform that caters for everything from Penneys to Prada, to ensure all items are given the chance to be reused or recycled, avoiding the landfill. And if it gives you extra cash to purchase the next piece you’ve been eyeing? Even better.


We are passionate about our mission and in providing the best experience to our customers, direct sellers and consignors. We are working hard to continue to innovate and evolve our offering. 

Contact Us today if you have any queries or would like to join our team support@dressupmarket.com

 Thank you to all our supporters to date. CEO, Lana Gregan.